Robert Groves

March 17, 2012

Nickname: just … Rob or Robo  (or as Charlie calls me ‘Sirrrrr Robert Groves’)

Equipment: For ‘Don’t Ask’ I play a ‘Stingray 5 string Musicman’ however I also play a Martin Acoustic as well as a Gibson SG and Fender Strato & PRS semi when I’m bored with the bass or playing with other Bands.

Musical Ambitions: Always to perform well as I am my own worst judge.  Along with Charlie’s wish, I’d also really like to play with ‘Don’t Ask’ at ‘Ronnie Scotts’

Favourite Music: I like most music, from classical to opera to jazz to rock to soul …. but sorry no Country and Western please!  My Ipod has quite a selection, but I suppose if I could name the best tracks they would include ‘Said I Loved You…But I Lied’ by Michael Bolton, ‘Diamante’ by Zucherro & Randy Crawford and ‘Now That The Magic Has Gone’ by Lulu & Joe Cocker and ‘Like a Star’ by Corinne Bailey Rae which Max does the most excellent cover version of.  …… oops am I a closet crooner ….. ok .. I’ll just add AC DC – Back In Black ….and I play a mean ‘Sylvia’ by Focus    Ok … I can Rock !

Likes: Playing at live performances, with Don’t Ask, or playing ‘70’s Rock with The Loudness or a 3 part harmony acoustic set or playing with myself ….

Ahh … I knew I shouldn’t have said that!

Dislikes: Insincere, pretentious and fake people like ……………. (enter name here)

Musical Heroes: The list could be long.  I’d like to be able to sing like Mick Hucknall, harmonise like Art Garfunkel, play lead guitar like David Gilmour and play Bass like Peter Cetera (and actually sing like him too).  I grew up waiting on the next Beatle Album to be released which to me was always a revelation in music. I bought Led Zeppelin II as soon as it was released and still play it to this very day.

Most annoying habit: Don’t like secrets, if you tell me about your secret problem, it won’t be a problem for long, ‘cos I’ll tell everyone about it and then your problem will be no more.  This service I don’t charge for.

Musical History: When I changed schools at age 14, I was approached by my class mate Tom who asked me if I could play bass in his band.  I could play a Spanish guitar borrowed from my big sister, but just told him ‘YES’.  A week later I’d got myself a Hofner Bass guitar and amp and I was in.  The band was called ‘Nash’s Album’ and we played on average twice a week in social clubs and the like.

At age 15 we were selected to audition for the then ‘Opportunity Knocks’ presented by the great Hughie Green.  We were knocked out in the 1st round by a father and son both playing Drums …… how bizarre !


At age 16 we were offered a contract by Larry Page who had produced the ‘Kinks’.  We were to be the English Boy Band to rival ‘The Bay City Rollers’.  But this also came to nothing, so fickle is the music industry, so I played on until I was married and 21 and then gave it all up.

In 2000 I put together a band for the millennium celebrations and from then on I’ve continued to play live music.

I now also play regularly with ‘The Loudness’ a spoof name taken from ‘The Darkness’ playing 70’s glam rock and Thin Lizzy tributes where I play Rhythm, Second Lead and Vocal Harmonies.  Earlier this year we were awarded The Croydon’s Champion Award for raising more than £25,000 for charities with our concerts.

I joined ‘Don’t Ask’ in 2005 playing Electric Bass and have enjoyed many concerts, balls and gigs with them.  I like the music genre very much and feel very comfortable in the line up with many songs being bass led and being able to add some vocal harmonies to Maxine’s and Martin’s.

Personal Details: 

D O B: 2nd September 1956 ……. Yes I’m afraid I was that baby boomer!

Marital Status: With Helen (whom I am marrying in May 2012). I’ve known her since I was 15 …… ‘going back to my roots .. yeah’!

Pets: A very annoying cat whose sole aim in life is to sleep, do nothing and like nobody.

Children: Ah well this is a bit of a list.  Daniel and Rachel, then later Charlotte Emily and Jack with Ages ranging from 17 to 35 years.  2 living abroad and 2 at university.

Day Job: I am a Consulting Structural Engineer, with my own Practice.   My firm, R J Groves Associates provide a full professional service and have successfully designed and controlled many building and structural types, from contemporary modern to classical historic buildings. Our projects range from new build domestic to major projects including low rise developments, restaurants, shops, factories, and offices …… Well, that’s the commercial done then!