Martin Harbridge

March 17, 2012

Nickname: Not repeatable (let’s just say I have to keep the band in check so it’s not pretty)

Equipment:  I say you can’t have too many guitars! PRS Swamp Ash Special, Line 6 James Tyler Variax 59 (with HD 500 pedal board and Line 6 DT25 AMP), Fender American made Telecaster, Tokai Fender Strat Special, Gibson Lest Paul Standard, Gibson ‘Darkfire’ Robot Guitar (self tuning!) and a very lovely Martin DC-16 acoustic (played through a SR Technology Jam 150+).

Musical ambitions: Still hankering for that elusive European tour but work just keeps getting in the way.

Favourite Music: I love all genre of music including classical (but no, not the Birdy Song).

Likes: Walking in the Lake District, Playing in a band (funny that!), Playing golf, Driving my Golf (even though my golf clubs don’t actually fit in the boot – oh the irony), Fiorentina (with the egg well done plus extra hot green peppers) and Peroni.

Dislikes: The fact that there is so much poverty and starvation in the world.

Most annoying Band habit: Getting a grip and bringing an end to the fun and frolics when we need to get down to some serious rehearsal (hence why the nickname is unrepeatable).

Personal details:

Birthday: 19th September

Marital Status: Married to Clare

Pets: Lily the mischievous cat.

Day Job: Running a design and advertising company called Eye to Eye Design which I set up in 1997.

Musical History: Started banging on some old tins in my bedroom to accompany my older brother Andrew on guitar when I was around 6 or 7.  Then went on to learn guitar and wrote a song called ‘Clocks’ 30 years before Coldplay (blatant plagiarism on their part). Played in a school band and when I got my first job in a design company the first incarnation of Don’t Ask was formed from people who were working there. And the rest as they say is history (a long history).