Laura Parker

March 17, 2012

Nickname: Lolliesnips

Equipment: Yanagisawa Alto, Tenor, Bari and Soprano Saxes. Yamaha flute.  I use Vandoren strength 2 and a half on everything.

Musical ambitions: To have a wonderful time playing with lots of different bands and orchestras. At some point I’d love to play in a west end show regularly, and go on a tour on a cruise ship. Also want to finish my masters in musicology and phd to become a lecturer. Nerd!!!

Favourite Music: Mainly jazz from 50’s onwards, also a lot of classical music, funk and some contemporary pop like Lily Allen, KT Tunstall, Laura Marling

Likes: watching disaster movies, learning martial arts, eating chocolate, running, eating chocolate… no wait…

Dislikes: Marmite. Fundamentally wrong.

Most annoying Band habit: Having the most number of instruments at a gig, thereby taking up at least half of the stage. Paul meanwhile has enough room to swing a cat, and Rob almost wishes he played the upright bass so he had more elbow room when I’m about.

Personal details:

Age: 25

Marital Status: Not married, but engaged

Children: No

Pets: Gorgeous giant chocolate brown poodle called Tosca

Musical History:

Started the piano aged 6, then got bored of playing on my own and started the clarinet as my three best mates played it at age 13. Became completely stuck on the misery stick, and started learning the sax at age 15 after manoeuvring around my mum’s argument that I’d never practise three instruments. Started the flute at 18, then learned to double on all saxes. My latest project, sadly for my neighbours and even more sadly for my band members I’ve started the oboe too. I sound quite promisingly like a duck.

I went to King’s College London to study musicology and passed grade 8 in four instruments. Now I’m doing a masters in musicology at Kings. I met Charlie in Croydon doing a 70s show for a week, and after adjusting to the lack of sheet music and anything goes attitude of the band I absolutely love playing with Don’t Ask! I even passed the test of how to put away the microphone stands on my third attempt. Ahem. I currently play with a wide range of Big Bands including NYJO, the Prime Time Orchestra, the London Jazz Collective, the Big Beer Band (Croydon) and several more. I also play in the Bond Band, various sax quartets and many different amateur dramatic shows as a reed player.