Charlie Marriott

March 17, 2012

Nickname: Animal (after the Muppets)

Drum equipment:  Main Kit. A hybrid black Roland TD12 V series (electronic) kit with additional drums, cymbals and a PM3 monitoring system. (the band can’t say the drummers too loud anymore!!)

2nd Kit. A black Sonor Kit (acoustic), Sabian Hand Hammered cymbals and hi-hats including a saucy 22” Leopard Ride.  Sticks: Vic Firth American Classic 7a and 5b with wooden tips and both Cool and Hot Rods.

Musical ambitions: To be able to sight read drum music and lead a steaming Big Band at Ronnie Scotts……yeah, well, we can all dream!!

Favourite Music: Modern Jazz….Jazz  Funk, Blues and R&B.

Music Heroes: Buddy Rich, Harvey Mason, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Bernard Purdie and Ian Thomas… that’s just the Drummers. Got to mention piano maestro, Monty Alexander (if he’d been a drummer, we all would have given up!!) and guitarists, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Robben Ford.

Favourite Singers: Frank (of course), Babs (still think she’s got one of greatest voices on the planet……in my opinion) and Maxine from our band.

Likes: Red Wine (Rioja).

Dislikes: Upstarts in the TV business (and there are lots of them) who think they know it all ‘cos they got a media degree at Uni.

Most annoying Band habit: Weak bladder at rehearsals if I drink beer.

Personal details: (that are printable!!)

DOB: 1952 (Yes 2 months younger than Darcy)

Marital Status: Just.

Children: No.

Pets: 2 Cats.

Personal website:

Musical History: My Dad brought me a small kit when I was 14 after seeing Gene Krupa pound the s*** out of the drums in the film “The Glenn Miller Story”. Then at age17, the fairer sex became a more important focus and I didn’t really play a drum kit again until I was 25. I then acquired a Premier Kit played by Keith Moon (amazing drummer by the way) when I worked on the film “Stardust”. This was my second and last experience of “Moon the Loon” (due to his demise), having first worked with him on the film “Tommy” as well.  Now that’s what you call Rock and Roll………

I met Martin Harbridge (Guitars) through work in 1987 and subsequently Paul Dashwood a couple of years after that. And so, “Don’t Ask” was born in the early 90’s. Drums provide a welcome diversion to my “day job” as a Film and TV Director. My most recent drumming achievement was playing in a “pit” band for a musical show. Trying to read the dots!!…….that was hard, but very enjoyable.